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Kicherer SLS 63 Supersport

Tweet Tuner KICHERER has released a new set of pictures, this time conducted by the famous photographer Frank Luger, presenting their project based on the Mercedes SLS 63 AMG called SLS 3 Supersport. KICHERER SLS 63 Supersport comes as a

Sexy girls from Essen Motor Show 2010

Tweet No Auto Show could exist without the congruence between the beautiful girls of the world and the auto world. Attention of those who have visited the Essen Motor Show in Germany, was divided between numerous serial models or concepts

Hot Mustang Tuning Girls

Tweet Hot Mustang tuning girls can make even the hottest Mustang look, well, ordinary. Take a peak at these hot tuning girls. Mustangs and sexy girls are some of the best things America has to offer. As hot as apple

Sexy tuning girls washing cars

Tweet It is said that a woman and a car have nothing in common. We tried to find out how does a sexy tuning girl wash a car when she does not resort to a service or to any man.

Audi TT-RS by Senner Tuning – Topless, carbon and 430 hp

Tweet NASA recently announced solar explosions and the Germans at Senner Tuning are counteracting with the ideal weapon – an Audi TT-RS Roadster which has 430 horsepower, decorated with delicious items made of carbon fiber. Sooner or later the cold

The new 7 Series BMW gets a tuning treatment from Wald Black Bison!

Tweet Creations of the Wald International have never looked like a horned animal, but the Black Bison is the only name that sounds good when is pronounced in Japanese. Many body kits signed by Wald International have a style more

Senner Tuning presents Audi TT RS Roadster Power

Tweet Senner tuning company made a “strength” version of 430 hp, based on the Audi TT RS Roadster. Based on the Audi TT RS Roadster series, Power TT created by Senner Tuning deserves its name because of the 430 hp