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Shelby builds a daring GT350 Convertible

Tweet It looks as appealing as any other GT350, noting more that the new model is topless. And, after all, who does not love’s topless? Of course, purists can still enjoy the fixed roof version iconic Shelby GT350, but a

Cobra Jet Mustang 2012

Tweet Besides the new Ford Mustang Boss 302s 2012, the blue oval introduced the new Cobra Jet Mustang 2012 at Performance Racing Industry(PRI) Show in Orlando, Florida. Cobra Jet Mustang 2012 comes equipped with all racing items found on 2010

Hot Mustang Tuning Girls

Tweet Hot Mustang tuning girls can make even the hottest Mustang look, well, ordinary. Take a peak at these hot tuning girls. Mustangs and sexy girls are some of the best things America has to offer. As hot as apple

2011 Ford Mustang at SEMA 2010

Tweet Ford said it would bring to the salon SEMA 2010 9 Ford Mustang 2011 tuned models. Also, salon’ s visitors can admire the new Mustand Boss 302 2012. One of the new 2011 Ford Mustang was tuned by Ford’s

Ford Mustang Boss 302 returned after an absence of 40 years!

Tweet The wait is over! After an absence of nearly 40 years, every car that the Ford Mustang enthusiast dream trip. Ladies and gentlemen, it’s time to familiarize with the new Boss 302! Like his ancestor, the new Ford Mustang

Tractorri: Gallardo inside, Mustang outside

Tweet A Ford Mustang with the technical side of a Lamborghini Gallardo? Yeah! And it is for sale … Let’s face it! What is the similarity between a Ford Mustang and a Lamborghini Gallardo? None! At least until now, when

Mustang GT/CS – California Special Edition @ Detroit 2010

Tweet Yeeeey, Muuuustang. 5.0 liters, 2010 Special Edition California Special, on which base sits the amazing Ford Mustang GT, introduced 3 years ago in Ford gallery. Oficially, the company has not made public informations about 2011 edition of the super