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Audi R8 GT 2012 – Price

Tweet Audi has announced prices for the new Audi R8 GT Limited Edition 2012. Audi R8 GT 2012 is a version that uses extensive carbon fiber manufactured items, such weighing about 81 kg less than the R8 5.2 quattro. Audi

Seat Ibiza SC Sport limited edition

Tweet Seat Ibiza SC Sports is a limited edition model for car market in Germany and will be produced in just 300 units. Powered by a 1.6 liter gasoline engine that develops 105 horsepower, the new Seat Ibiza SC Sport

Audi R8 Carbon Limited Edition by Prior Design

Tweet Click the images to enlarge them Prior Design has committed again! After long days of waiting and cold sweat on his forehead, the German tuners today presents their newest creation: Audi R8 Carbon Limited Edition. The model will be

Carllson launches a limited edition based on the SL600

Tweet Carlsson market will get a limited series of 25 models of Carlsson C25. Based on Mercedes SL 600, C25 develop no less than 753 horses from their 6-liter V12 and a couple of (attention) 1150 Nm. Top speed is