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Nissan Serena

Tweet Japanese auto manufacturer has announced it will launch the new Nissan Serena car market in Japan on November 29th. Being released in 1991, Nissan Serena has sold over 1 million copies in Japan, and the new model comes with

Japan’s big players plan a jolt of electrics

Tweet Japan’s three largest automakers are making a push to extend their alternative-fuel powertrain offerings in the next two years. Toyota Motor Corp. will bring two electric and six hybrid-electric models to market in the next 24 months, including a

Fiat 500 Special Arancia – 300 copies only for Japan

Tweet Perhaps most car limited edition. They add the final makeup of the Fiat 500 model Aranci Specially dedicated to the Japanese market. Will be produced only 300 such specimens, all for the Samurai. Excluding Japan, Fiat shows Aranci 500,