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Video: Oakley Ferrari 458 Italy

Tweet In the next video from the Oakley design their project presents its new model is based on the Ferrari 458 Italy now has 627 horsepower and 567 Nm of torque. The added power of 10% received 4.5 liter V8

OZ at 40 near Made in Italy values

Tweet At the end of the summer, in the village situated on Lake Maggiore Stresa, the Italian manufacturer titratable OZ Racing wheels shown in the first press, the strategy group and 2011 model year. Next year, OZ group celebrates 40

All models Ferrari 458 Italy recalled to the factory !!!!!

Tweet Ferrari said all cars model 458 Italy are called back to the factory to make some changes. It seems that eventually cause fire is a technical, more specifically a manufacturing defect. From what we know, and Romania are about

Alfa Romeo Brera Italy Independently

Tweet British Division of the Italian car manufacturer has launched a new special edition called the Independent Alfa Romeo Brera Italy plus a new range of turbocharged engines Brera Coupe and Spider models. TBI 1750 gasoline engine 4-cylinder developing 200

Little Fiat 500C Abarth

Tweet Click the images to enlarge them And here is the little Fiat Abarth 500C emerged to the surface, in a formal set of images provided by the Italian manufacturer, model that will make its appearance in the Geneva Autoshow,

Army Supercar: Ferrari 458 Italy camouflaged

Tweet Supercars too have their own army. Or, well, they should have something like this, with the Ferrari 458 Italy in the lead!

Ferrari 458 Italy was awarded the title “Supercar of the Year”

Tweet Ferrari 458 Italy was declared “‘s Supercar of the Year” by the most important British magazine for men. The magazine described the new Ferrari model range as “an engine immediately cause a prompt response from all who see it,