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Gemballa Mirage GT

Tweet You think the death of his passing will bring Uwe Gemballa and disappearance of the already-famous Mirage GT? Whatever your thoughts, the answer is negative. Gemballa Mirage GT makes its appearance and comes again, this time in a really


The new LUMMA CLR 558 GT makes your heart beat faster

Tweet When it comes to creations of the Lumma Design I will always feel a shiver on my spine because of the lines installed vulgar and brutal. Even more than that, the new LUMMA CLR 558 GT will cause your

Bentley customers can choose: one or two turbines for the Continental’s engine

Tweet The new Bentley Continental GT, but also the rest of the Continental model range, is currently enjoying a huge W12 engine. But pollution standards are valid for everyone, so Bentley is working on a little less engine cylinders. In

Bentley Continental GT Speed by Anderson Germany

Tweet Take a simple look at the new-and-no-more-than-impressive Bentley Continental GT Speed Elegance Edition, Anderson Germany signed creation, and your lips will give birth in silence to a quote as “A kingdom for 695 horse power…” With a carefully designed

Kubatech modifies the legendary Porsche Carrera GT!

Tweet Wait, do not blink yet! Kubatech Germans at last have returned after the legendary Porsche Carrera GT supercar from Stuttigart and his magnificent ten-cylinder engine is now enjoying the presence of a Stage II. Although almost exactly five years

Back in White: Maserati shows the new Quattroporte Sport GT S MC Sport Line

Tweet Desirabile Maserati Quattroporte Sport GT S is back! And anyhow, but delicious package equipped with MC Sports Line, who stole the hearts of all who hide in the garage of a magnificent specimen Granturismo! Introduced world premiere at the

Audi R8 GT – Love at first sight

Tweet Since its first appearance, the Audi R8 was a special appearance in delicious segment of supercars. And now Audi R8 GT at the Paris Motor Show, things tend to reach climax! Of course, supercar from Ingolstadt has its problems