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Video: G-Power Hurricane BMW M5 Touring RS reaches 359 km / h

Tweet Ok, you’re the proud owner of a G-Power Hurricane BMW M5 Touring RS, live close to the Autobahn in Germany, and as evening traffic is almost nonexistent. What do you do in such circumstances? Remove 750 horsepower (559 kw)

G-Power is about to unleash extreme BMW M3 GTS!

Tweet Many are tempted to say that the new BMW M3 GTS is supreme. And I’m not at all far from the truth, the creation of the Bavarian is enjoying strong advantages, such as bodywork components of lightweight, aerodynamic kit

BMW M6 Hurricane RR by G-Power – The fastest coupe in the world

Tweet If a Hurricane M5 RR does not satisfy you, you can use the M6 Hurricane RR Coupe. Which is the fastest 4-seat coupe in the world today. I dont know if it starts becoming boring for others, but this

G-Power M6 Hurricane RR – A new atomic BMW

Tweet The G-Power back in force with a new BMW atomic ready to (re) remember that I am capable of Germans – astronomical figures, the breathtaking performance and, last but not least, broke new records. As if not enough already

G Power BMW M3 Tornado CS and GT2 S

Tweet G Power BMW M3 Tornado CS and GT2 S are two Clubsport models launched by German tuner street in honor of the victory of Team BMW Motorsport race at the Nurburgring 24 hours. G Power BMW M3 GT2 Tornado


Tweet Click the images to enlarge them Series 7 is a powerful custom vehicle will be sold in a limited number of only 10 units worldwide. G-POWER BMW 760i STORM 7 received a V12 bi-turbo 6.0-liter able to produce 181

G-Power 760i Storm

Tweet Click the images to enlarge them G-Power continues changing BMW`s into climatic phenomena and presents us today Storm: 760i Storm! Season storms announces its debut with the new G-Power Storm. Everything will be taken on top because of a