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The future Pagani Huayra is cuasing an chain reaction with its forms

Tweet The first images of future Huayra Pagani stormed the Internet the morning of the day, giving birth to a true Italian supercar mad with its forms … not very common (we reserve the right to be diplomats until the

Mercedes-Benz adopt a new concept of interior design for future models

Tweet There is a new interior design direction of future Mercedes-Benz models. This will be illustrated for the first time on the new generation Mercedes S-Klasse. Within next three years the S-Klasse is scheduled for sale. Mercedes designers follow that

Future products: Toyota

Tweet Toyota plans to move into new product segments over the next 18 months, as well as redesign several mainstream models. By the spring of 2012, Toyota will launch all-new versions of the Camry, Yaris, Tacoma and RAV4. Also, the

Future products: Lamborghini

Tweet Has engine performance gone as far as it can? With horsepower per liter having long since broken the 100-1 mark, Lamborghini seems to think so. So do many European regulators who want to strangle carbon dioxide emissions. As a

Future concepts on car industry

Tweet An ambitious plan to increase Volkswagen brand sales in the United States to 800,000 by 2018–up from 213,454 last year–begins with a mid-sized sedan to be built starting early next year in Chattanooga, Tenn. Later, the new factory will

future Mercedes SLK – spied and photographed!

Tweet Auto leftlanenews.com site published the first pictures of the future Mercedes SLK. Machine takes over from his elder brother, SL, in the same line with all Mercedes. Is a natural development of the little convertible cars in terms of

Without the central engine for the future Corvette

Tweet Speculation on the future of Chevrolet Corvette refers to a central engine. Besides his position in the car, malicious rumors still had the nerve to say that the new Corvette will be powered … V6 instead of V8. Well,