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M3 by Manhart Racing

Tweet Hocus Pocus M3! A new magic number of Manhart Racing! BMW M3, V8, supercharger, 655 hp! Are you ready for magic? A note in the first place for me! Germans from Manhart Racing have a new magic number starring

Jaguar XKR gets two new packages

Tweet Jaguar’s XKR is very fast with its 510 hp and have limited top speed of 250 km / h, but those who want a cat faster than that will fully enjoy what the British manufacturer ready for 2011 model

Images of the green future: GreenGT Twenty-4

Tweet One of the most extravagant design exercise, but technical, announces completion in 2011 of a complete prototype “green”, which uses stored solar energy, enough to reach 300 km / h.

The first images of new Audi RS5!

Tweet The wait was over! Much-anticipated Audi RS5 presents to us in all its splendor, thanks to a dropped leaflets on the internet!

Hennessey Venom GT will debut in Geneva

Tweet Visitors to the Geneva Motor Show will be deprived of this new hypercar Hennessey, because being invoked – Can you believe it or not – lack of space. Venom GT will start instead at the Goodwood festival of speed,

Mercedes E500 Coupe by Vath

Tweet Attractiveness of the new E Coupe is great. It’s so great that you could swear you hit the arrow of Cupid. Vath and the Germans were left so attracted by the new E500 Coupe, that made him even more

Video: Ken Block Rally Ford Fiesta test

Tweet No longer a surprise that the Ford Fiesta Rally will be driven by none other than famous, talented, and unsurpassed Ken Block. Today, the testing session on the snow. Enjoy!