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Video: Test Drive Renault DeZir

Tweet Those from EVO have managed to get their hands on the new Renault DeZir concept and they realised a test drive on public roads. Renault DeZir refers more to the presentation of design ideas for future Renault models like

Hamann Flash Evo M – Beast of Laupheim

Tweet Are you looking for huge wheels, a serious increase in power and, last but not least, an exaggerated body kit? In the region of Laupheim in Germany, Germans from Hamann just gave birth to a beast that meets all

The new SpeedART BTR-II 650 EVO

Tweet New speedART BTR-650 EVO II is a car. New speedART BTR-650 EVO II is more of a ballistic missile that brings together 650 horsepower and 900 Nm! Consider it a natural evolution of tuning. Horsepower war is not over

Hamann Anniversary Wheels EVO

Tweet Hamman German tuner has released the new Evo rims anniversary meant to bring an air exclusive BMW and Range Rover. Evo Hamann Anniversary wheels are TÜV (Technical Control Board) and have size 22 inches and come with a price