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Volvo C30 Electric is announced in Paris

Tweet If everything is the surest mark, why not, and among the most environmentally friendly? Volvo C30 Electric announces the unveiling of the Paris Motor Show. I mean go and green Volvo car club, the only direction this trend is

Honda Jazz Hybrid 2011

Tweet Honda Jazz Hybrid in 2011, saying that after the first hybrid car manufacturer of Class B, will debut next month at the Paris Motor Show. 2011 Honda Jazz Hybrid is basically a mini-car with an efficient fuel consumption, power

Electric cars will have more speed transmissions

Tweet Zeroshift works at a box company for cars EV (Electric Vehicles) to enable and accelerate but also a higher cruise speed. Until now, all electric cars had multi-speed gearbox, they continue walking speed only, which decreases the performance. If

Toyota will develop electric cars with Tesla

Tweet After more than a decade for Toyota hybrid cars was the promoter, behold Japanese manufacturer now turns its full attention to electric vehicles, through a strategic partnership with Americans from Tesla. At first glance it seems that talk of

Four billion for the electric Nissan

Tweet Nissan has so far invested four billion euros in developing the first electric car model, which will be launched on the market later this year, said Director General of the alliance, Carlos Ghosn. ” Four billion have been allocated

Hybrid Electric Range Rover Sport 2013

Tweet Even if an association between model Range Rover Sport and vehicles cross it sounds very strange, British car manufacturer is already working on a hybrid electric model Range Rover Sport 2013. Range Rover Sport 2013 Hybrid will be electroassembly

E-Motion Blue Course, an electric concept!

Tweet E-motion golf blue given at the inauguration of the National Platform for Electric Mobility. VW Golf concept presented German Chancellor blue-e-motion. The Golf with an electric motor with no emissions will be released in 2013. E-motion golf blue, with