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BMW Seria 6 Convertible 2012 by Hamann

Tweet The new tuning program for the BMW 6 Series Convertible was unveiled in 2012 by people from Hamann. From the pictures released can be seen that the new Series 6 Convertible Hamann Edition package is equipped with anodized RACE


Shelby builds a daring GT350 Convertible

Tweet It looks as appealing as any other GT350, noting more that the new model is topless. And, after all, who does not love’s topless? Of course, purists can still enjoy the fixed roof version iconic Shelby GT350, but a

Convertible Porsche Panamera is a phenomenon of tuning

Tweet Until the Germans at Porsche factory in Zuffenhausen send out the gates the version without a roof of the Panamera phenomenon (and yes, chances are that something like this to happen), a handful of tuners, most likely Japan, gave

Price for BMW 1 Series M Coupe 2012

Tweet Since both models BMW 1 Series M Coupe 2012 and BMW 6 Series Convertible 2012 debuted today at the Detroit Motor Show 2011, the Bavarian car manufacturer announced the price of these two models. The price of the new

The new 6 Series Convertible BMW, official details, pictures and video

Tweet BMW has officially launched the new 6 Series Convertible BMW generation at the Los Angeles Auto Show, a model that will have his debut this winter, after in September 6 Series Coupe Concept was unveiled. The new model is

Mercedes SLS AMG Convertible was spied

Tweet Mercedes SLS AMG Convertible was spy by the photographers recently and, as you can see, the German car manufacturer opted for a fabric roof instead of a hardtop type is more difficult and more expensive. Unlike the coupe version,

Neiman Marcus Camaro Convertible sold out in 3 minutes

Tweet GM said it sold all 100 copies Camaro Convertible Neiman Marcus Edition in a record time of 3 minutes. Camaro Convertible Neiman Marcus Edition was prepared exclusively for Neiman Marcus Christmas Book, and the booking process was done by