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Incredibly Expensive Garages for Your Luxury Cars

Tweet The best part about having one or more prohibitively expensive cars is that well, you have pots of money! So there is virtually nothing standing in your way when you plan on building a shrine around your four wheeled

Hot Mustang Tuning Girls

Tweet Hot Mustang tuning girls can make even the hottest Mustang look, well, ordinary. Take a peak at these hot tuning girls. Mustangs and sexy girls are some of the best things America has to offer. As hot as apple

Sexy tuning girls washing cars

Tweet It is said that a woman and a car have nothing in common. We tried to find out how does a sexy tuning girl wash a car when she does not resort to a service or to any man.

Mitsubishi will launch a plug-in hybrid SUV in 2013

Tweet Mitsubishi will launch a SUV in 2013 with plug-in hybrid technology. The model will be the series version of PX-MiEV concept, exposed at the Tokyo Motor Show in 2009, said Yoshikazu Nakamura, in an interview for Automotive News. The

Gran Turismo 5 was launched

Tweet Sony Computer Entertainment announced today the release date for Gran Turismo 5 in Europe for Wednesday, November 24, 2010. “Gran Turismo 5 is an ambitious project, with many chalenges and with a large complexity“, said Kazunori Yamauchi, president of

10 cars that car enthusiasts dream of driving before they die

Tweet Whether it is speed, style or prestige that fuels your love for cars, there’s a good chance that there are a number of car makes and models that you would love the opportunity to drive before you die. The

10 cars that car enthusiasts dream of driving before they die – Bugatti Veyron SuperSport

Tweet This is the last car in our series of “10 cars that car enthusiasts dream of driving before they die“. It’s difficult to know where to start with the Bugatti Veyron SuperSport. Actually it isn’t! There’s only one place