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Unique, Exotic, Leianna Kai – Tuning girl of the day

Tweet Leianna Kai is one hot model who has that rare, unique, exotic look associated with her and this is the direct result of her Hawaiian, Portuguese, Italian and Irish background. Luckily for us she has inherited the best of

Porsche 911 GT2 RS – Pictures from backstage

Tweet Revealed as a big secret in Leipzig, the new 911 RS GT2 shows now in front of the world. Without the will of the Porsche, of course. Ready to play! 911 best in history is on the road and

The new GT2 RS arrives on the scene!

Tweet Like the Porsche 911 GT2 was not brutal enough, the Stuttgart, amateur big things fast and (mostly) with the engine in the back, now shows the new GT2 RS! 620 hp, 1370 kg, only 500 copies and 237 578

E-Motion Blue Course, an electric concept!

Tweet E-motion golf blue given at the inauguration of the National Platform for Electric Mobility. VW Golf concept presented German Chancellor blue-e-motion. The Golf with an electric motor with no emissions will be released in 2013. E-motion golf blue, with

French Offensive: Toyota Celica T23 by Couzin

Tweet Sometimes a dream turns away from home. Even so, the joy goes beyond any boundaries when it comes to a dream that involves four wheels and a name with resonance in the automotive world: Toyota Celica T23. Ionut –

Nissan GT-R Track Animal by Switzer

Tweet Nissan GT-R can not boast as easy as a snowflake. The 1725 kg make unhappy one owner from New England, which appealed to those in Switzer Performance. The result? GT-R Track Animal! Before entering the diet, Godzilla received more

Sportec SP580

Tweet If you are familiar with Sportec SP560, then Sportec SP580 will not sound like a fighter. But this time, the creation of Swiss tuner performance is an approaching one … 580 horsepower develops six-cylinder boxer, new SP580 being able