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Cadillac launches the precious CTS-V Black Diamond Edition

Tweet If the diamond can be considered the best friend of a woman, this means that people from Cadillac will have problems with selling the new Cadillac CTS-V Black Diamond Edition to male representatives? Hardly. Available on most American versions

Porsche launches new 911 “special” Black Edition

Tweet If any one of over twenty models to offer Porsche 911 that currently does not fully satisfy you, the Stuttgart manufacturer has just launched a new special edition. So, that being said, get to know the new-but-not-more-likely-not-final and 911

The new 7 Series BMW gets a tuning treatment from Wald Black Bison!

Tweet Creations of the Wald International have never looked like a horned animal, but the Black Bison is the only name that sounds good when is pronounced in Japanese. Many body kits signed by Wald International have a style more

Jaguar XF Black Pack

Tweet Those from Jaguar introduced a new aesthetic kit called the Black Pack for XF model range, namely S and XF Diesel version equipped with 5.0-liter gasoline engine and XFR models. Jaguar XF Black Pack kit Price is 950 GBP,

Umbrella Auto Design. Nissan GT-R. Exclusive Interior. Black diamonds

Tweet Umbrella Auto Design. Nissan GT-R. Interior exclusive. Black diamonds. At first glance, any connection between them. But once put together, everything takes on a logic. Umbrella Auto Design has taken on the inside as Nissan GT-R supercar, the final

Anderson CL65 AMG Black Edition – A dose of power for Mercedes CL65 AMG

Tweet If I had to start a list of things we changed the Mercedes CL65 AMG, likely “to make it ridiculously strong” completely lacks. Well, things are quite different when it comes to Anderson Germany… Recently, Germany has shown all

Brabus Vanish comes from another planet

Tweet BRABUS vanish away How long? Exceed the sound barrier? Even unleashes a black hole when you press the throttle pedal within? Something like that… Mercedes SL65 AMG Black Series is not just a toy for rich kids and those