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Geneva Motor Show, 100 new models

Tweet Click the images to enlarge them The Geneva International Motor Show, which opens its gates on March 4, will host this year, as part of the 80th edition, 100 new models, of which 16 will be in category clean

Little Fiat 500C Abarth

Tweet Click the images to enlarge them And here is the little Fiat Abarth 500C emerged to the surface, in a formal set of images provided by the Italian manufacturer, model that will make its appearance in the Geneva Autoshow,

Hyundai Sonata Hybrid comes to the New York Auto Show

Tweet A hybrid version of Hyundai’s Sonata is ready to debut in the New York Auto Show in April. It is known that the Sonata offers a comprehensive package of features and style at a great price. For the amount

The new Porsche Cayenne, revealed in a teaser

Tweet Porsche unveiled the Cayenne in a nonconformist way: a picture that shows in the foreground another world’s first hybrid competition 911 GT3 R. First picture with new Porsche Cayenne came not in an official photo gallery as we get

Abarth coming with a surprise: Fiat Punto 500C and Punto Evo

Tweet Fiat preparing surprises for the family minion, rumors pointing attention to version 500C, prepare and package Abarth. Well, nothing is official yet, following the truth to come out in the Geneva Auto Show, in March. New litter is expected

Tuning Girls: Detroit Auto Show Car Girls

Tweet Auto shows have always been the place to come check out what motivates you to be successful in life. Whether it be the hot cars or the hot show car girls, there’s something at the car shows that makes

Fiat 500 BEV – electric mini at Detroit 2010

Tweet For the menu and hybrid electric cars to be complete this year, Fiat came here with a piece of-concept electric motor, mounted on little 500. Italian Mini is nicknamed “BEV” (Battery Electric Vehicle), wearing Abarth clothes and wear full