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Audi RS6 Plus – 303 km / h and 500 copies

Tweet Only added to further speed … Audi introduces two new packages for the supermodel RS6. That said, please discover the RS6 plus sports and Audi RS6 plus exclusive! Only 500 copies and a top speed of 303 km /

Audi will use the name E-Tron for all electric cars

Tweet Audi plans to use the name E-Tron for all its electric vehicles. The cars will carry the logo e-throne in the back, similar to the way models now called “quattro”. German car manufacturer Audi plans to initially produce 100-Tron’s

ABT R8 GTR. A black R8… of grief

Tweet House tuner of Audi and VW, Abt Sportsline, will present three new completed models in Geneva. By far, the star is “hard-core” kit for their V10-R8 of 5.2. Nicknamed Abt R8 GTR, bolide received a “boost” up to 600

Official Disclosure : Audi A1 is here!

Tweet After a few teasers full of subtleties and more alleged details of the new Mini from Audi, waiting was over. A1 is here! Photos, details and a photo gallery megasclipitoare officially revealed! The first preview of the new Audi

Audi R8 Series by Switzer, photos and details

Tweet Here we have some new products available for the Audi R8 from the tuning company Switzer Performance. The new packages enhance the performance figures for both the V8 and V10 versions; each individually priced. Photos of Audi R8 Series

First pictures of Audi A5 Sportback

Tweet Do you lust after an Audi A5, but need something with some extra doors and space to handle the family? Good news: Audi has just the car for you. Well, not quite. Such a car–the 2010 Audi A5 Sportback