Article: tuned cars

Lotus Elise Facelifted

Tweet Click the images to enlarge them It was revealed! Details and photos of the new model Lotus Elise after facelift here. The car has gone through major changes in the front, but back, and received versions of the engine

BMW X1 by AC Schnitzer

Tweet Germans from AC Schnitzer have seized the new BMW X1, and now show the world the end result. Or, rather, it will show in March at the Geneva Motor Show.

M3 by Manhart Racing

Tweet Hocus Pocus M3! A new magic number of Manhart Racing! BMW M3, V8, supercharger, 655 hp! Are you ready for magic? A note in the first place for me! Germans from Manhart Racing have a new magic number starring

Jaguar XKR gets two new packages

Tweet Jaguar’s XKR is very fast with its 510 hp and have limited top speed of 250 km / h, but those who want a cat faster than that will fully enjoy what the British manufacturer ready for 2011 model

BMW M3 by AVUS Performance

Tweet New BMW M3 has appeared in the city of thundered cars. Comes finished in black and Performance AVUS changed him to attract all eyes on him. And the white knight is still observed from outside. Extension of front spoiler,

Ferrari F430 Spider by SCC – Black Sensation

Tweet No, this Ferrari needs no introduction. You can intimidate only looking at him. It’s just a demon! Are you ready to discover it closely? If so, do it on your own responsibility… F430 Spider’s developed by people from Specialty

Carllson launches a limited edition based on the SL600

Tweet Carlsson market will get a limited series of 25 models of Carlsson C25. Based on Mercedes SL 600, C25 develop no less than 753 horses from their 6-liter V12 and a couple of (attention) 1150 Nm. Top speed is