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Maybach 57S Coupe – A Maybach more exclusive than ever!

Tweet Even though the Maybach 57S is one of the most exclusive cars that you could buy in Xenatec sedan version of the German move to the next level, evolving into a coupe was capable of drawing all eyes upon

From Dodge Viper to the Maybach Exelero

Tweet Does anybody remember the only Maybach Exelero? Well, German jewelry prepares to lose its uniqueness, “thanks” for guys who have thought out a series of replicas based on the Dodge Viper. What’s the connection between the two models? Probably

Maybach 57S goes Coupe

Tweet Maybach is always ready to compete with those of Bentley or Rolls when it comes to sedans. But the model remaining Exelero concept stage, ultra-premium brand portofiul Daimler has no rival for the Bentley Brooklands and Rolls-Royce Phantom Coupe.

The Black Ruby – The BatMobile

Tweet Click the images to enlarge them It may seem a surprise, but joining of “Rolls Royce” and “Coupe” will be totally ignored in this case. Let’s get to the point and talk about opera of the designer Dilip Chhabria