Article: Fantastic cars

Swiss producer revealed Protoscar Lampo Sports 2

Tweet Swiss maker presented its new sport Protoscar electric Lampo 2. Lampo 2 is developed on the Kappa platform American producer General Motors, which previously was used for Saturn Sky and Opel GT models. Electric Sports is powered by two

The SuperCar: Pagani Zonda Tricolore

Tweet Pagani Zonda is particular from definition. But sometimes it seems like a supercar isn`t special if is not unique… Meet Tricolore Pagani Zonda, Zonda a unique, specially created for a showroom in Spain. Details are lacking, but a closer

Dacia Duster Photos and features

Tweet Renault’s low cost Romanian brand, Dacia, will be unveiling its very first concept at the Geneva Motor Show this week. Called the Duster, the concept features a crossover-style body with some very interesting styling elements like headlights that trail

Audi R8 Series by Switzer, photos and details

Tweet Here we have some new products available for the Audi R8 from the tuning company Switzer Performance. The new packages enhance the performance figures for both the V8 and V10 versions; each individually priced. Photos of Audi R8 Series

Royal Muffler BMW M3 with photos and details

Tweet A tuning company from California, called Royal Muffler have released this modified BMW M3 with a sharp look. A new aerodynamic body kit consisting of a redesigned front bumper, side skirts, and an aggressive bonnet were installed. Their tuning

Classic Wheels – New Fashion Car

Tweet Your car wheels are so important in terms of aesthetics and practices that you can not afford to overlook them so easily. Of the thousands of parts that make up a car, with tires, 4 pieces of alloy round

JDM Style

Tweet I wanted to start with external styling of a single reason – as it is to meet and popularity, is so large and complex. It is so complex that it can be divided into specific styles, well defined, which