Article: Fantastic cars

Geneva 2010: Veyron Grand Sport shows its carbon fiber

Tweet Click the images to enlarge them Over the past years, Bugatti came with many special edition for Veyron, but Grand Sport model came not out fairly quickly to enjoy this treatment. But now it is recovering… At Geneva Motor

Geneva 2010: Jaguar XKR Special Edition

Tweet Click the images to enlarge them Jaguar loves to surprise the car showrooms and the city on the lake has not been left aside. Jaguar XKR Special Edition came to Geneva with his supercharged V8 to 5.0 liters and

Geneva 2010: Porsche Cayenne at his second generation

Tweet Click the images to enlarge them Porsche Cayenne arrived at the second generation and we are directly present in Geneva. Easier, more dynamic and a hybrid version, the German SUV is shaping up to be a success. The new

Geneva 2010: 599 GTB Hybrid – Red cars go green

Tweet Click the images to enlarge them Italy’s Ferrari just had their first Geneva hybrid model based on the 599 GTB. It seems that red cars will soon reach the green… You can find plenty of reasons that make the

Geneva 2010: Pagani Zonda Tricolore

Tweet For over ten years, Pagani Zonda sitting on top of supercars. But now has come the great retreat. Pagani Zonda will retire in full glory by Tricolore exclusive model that celebrates the 50th anniversary of the Italian team of

Porsche conquers Geneva with the new 918 Spyder Concept

Tweet Click the images to enlarge them It’s official. Porsche has won the 2010 Geneva Motor Show the 918 Spyder Concept! And supercar is all that can be … Even green and electrifying! Looking like a Carrera GT evolved, the

Geneva 2010: Koenigsegg Agera

Tweet Click the images to enlarge them Koenigsegg Agere arrived at the Geneva Motor Show to show us perfection: modern design and aggressive, V8 twin turbo 4.7-liter, 910 hp and 1100 Nm! Swedes have done it again! In fact, Agera