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Royal Muffler BMW M3 with photos and details

Tweet A tuning company from California, called Royal Muffler have released this modified BMW M3 with a sharp look. A new aerodynamic body kit consisting of a redesigned front bumper, side skirts, and an aggressive bonnet were installed. Their tuning

PhotoShoot: Alina Delcaru, the brunette between BMW’s

Tweet Different angles, different aspects, different settings… Each photographer has a different perception when it comes to photography. And when two photographers have the same issue comes a photo battle! As in this case… Toader and Ivan Alexander (yes, they

Hartge styling kit for BMW Z4

Tweet BMW specialist Hartge was one of the first tuners to release an upgrade package for the new generation of the Z4. But they did ot on a bit of hurry so it was not a perfect one! Now tough