MINI Cooper Coupe 2012

It was already presented the new MINI Cooper Coupe 2012, BMW making public a series of pictures and a video presentation.

The new MINI Cooper Coupe 2012 includes new 4-cylinder engine of the car manufacturer and, depending on the car market, customers can choose between three petrol engines of 1.6 liter and 2.0 liter diesel engine that develops 143 CP (105 kw) and to equip Cooper SD version. 1.6-liter gasoline engines or develop 122 CP (90 kW) for the basic model, or 184 CP (135 kw) for the Cooper S coupe version, or 211 CP (155 kw) for the JCW coupe version.

Whichever engine, all versions come equipped MINI Cooper Coupe  2012 with a standard manual gearbox 6-speed, customers can choose optional 6-speed automatic transmission.

Inside the new MINI Cooper Coupe 2012 present the typical and absence created a back-seat storage space behind the front seats, but also to obtain a 280-liter trunk can be opened from inside.

In Britain, the new MINI Cooper Coupe 2012 price has been announced as the base model comes with a price of 16,640 GBP, while the Cooper S coupe versions, SD Cooper JCW Coupe and Coupe come to a price of 19,775 GBP, 20,510 GBP and 23,795 GBP respectively.

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