Video: BMW Seria 3 2012

German car manufacturer has unveiled a video of the BMW Series 3 2012.

BMW Series 3 2012 will start at one of the major international auto shows in 2011, probably in Frankfurt, and, according to rumors, it seems that one of the new model will be hybrid engines.

In the video below you can see some similarities with the model 5 Series.

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6 Responses to Video: BMW Seria 3 2012

  1. A car of dreams that would cool down your soul and mind.

  2. JOHN says:

    Architecture of Cars are very nice and and the way it is driven it is all likker…

  3. Charles L. Brzezinski says:

    prety good car

  4. Bormann says:

    awesome car….like it !!!

  5. Justin L. Casey says:

    one of awesome car that i dream…..

  6. laxmi dhami says:

    priya u have a nice car

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