Audi RS6 2012

De Telegraaf published the details of the new generation Audi RS6, which is likely to be unveiled on the auto market in 2012.

Audi RS6 2012 will be powered by a V10 TFSI engine or a 5.0 liter V8 twin-turbo 4.0-liter equips R8, which means that the power will be a maximum of 600 CP.


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5 Responses to Audi RS6 2012

  1. Nicholas E. Sanders says:

    I will surely buy this car !!

  2. Patrick Witt says:

    Audi RS6 2012 will rock the automobile world.

  3. Jone says:

    I must buy this car..Great style

  4. Will Smith says:

    This is an interesting car. I like its engine capability.

  5. Supard Model. I will try to drive it as a owner.

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