Brabus modifies the new Mercedes CLS

If you are the ones who think the new Mercedes CLS looks like it was designed by a minor Asian Brabus Germany’s plan to show you that, eventually, you were wrong.

No, the tuner from Bottrop has not yet discussed the new Rocket, but plans to conquer us with a package subtle but elegant at the same time. So the front spoiler can not enjoy even the most aggressive design that I’ve ever met, but rather benefit from an extension that can hardly be seen. In the rear, as things stand and four-door coupe in Stuttgart boasts only the presence of a simple speakerphone, accompanied by a small wing, which continues the boot line.

The same style was adopted and all the vulgar side, by where the new Mercedes CLS Brabus will be distinguished by its side skirts, modified front wing combined. The final grade is on the 20-inch wheels that come in the package with a lower suspension, which lowers the ride height by up to 35 millimeters. The interior continues the idea of tuning this delicate exterior, prospective customers can choose to drive here with Leather / Wood, aluminum pedals, illuminated sills, speedometer graduated to 340 km / h, multimedia system and various inlays of wood or carbon fiber .

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