BMW E60 by RedZone Tuning

I gotta be honest. E60 is a car that, from my point of view, leaving the “golden age” of the Bavarian manufacturer. I thought it was vulgar and approach Fada while the family sedan, be it sport. And if you take a look at E39 arranged a little taste, you might even find flocks of reasons.

As you see fit, the owner of an E39 E60 always had that, I do know, and now regret it. What has instead to do with a simple recipe and not spectacular, was to bring that child Bangle spark a minimum, as long as the baseline. And I mean this car when I saw live (went well since then) I concluded that if we support an E60… should look like.


About girls can not say anything now. Article Not family car. But soon, the same garage will remove the hood and other interesting projects. May drift, most expo, more sound, past, present or future, all with BMW logo in front. Luckily we have a choice!

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