Golf Jetta GLI

When I put a “bottom” of the Golf 6 without doing anything else, leaving a completely new car. It is the Jetta GLI, a powerful model for the American market. If Europeans Jetta will enjoy a more “docile” GLI version will have a 200 hp turbo engine, the same as the Golf GTI.

If someone who owns a Golf GTI was dissatisfied by the size of the boot, now behold the solution arrived. It is a Golf GTI… bottom. More specifically, this new Jetta GLI is for the American market. Volkswagen Jetta GLI 2012 is more passionate version of the model released last year.


The car is based on the tiny Gulf 6, from which you could not make any difference by looking at them in front. The new Jetta is larger by 86 mm from the original version made based on the Golf MK5, thus making a much larger family car. But GLI model has some goodies from the standard model …

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