The new Mercedes C-Class coupe is the perfect expression of a coupe

The wait is over! After long speculation and endless rumors, the Germans at Mercedes unveiled today the first official details and photos of the new C-Class Coupe. The debut will take place in March at the Geneva Motor Show, sales will start in June this year.

Enjoying a stylish and attractive design, the new Mercedes C-Class coupe is the perfect expression of a coupe. In addition, classic lines, but modern at the same time make an appearance on the German model unique, expressive and able to play in a dynamic way the 125th anniversary of the Stuttgart manufacturer. The creation of the new Mercedes is distinguished by a seductive silhouette, characterized by fantastic attention to detail.


In short, your eye will be pleased with the presence of a pronounced front grille, front and rear spoilers of enticing shapes, optical blocks carefully (re)drawn, muscular wings and, last but not least, the fascinating ceiling line, capable give you the feeling of time off instead.

Left the drawing board interior with four individual seats, set beside a lovely design and materials of the highest quality. The combination of matte and shiny add an extra serving of flavor, three-spoke steering wheel and instrument cluster delicious delivering the driver driving a pleasure. In addition, for a final result as exciting, the Germans at Mercedes have introduced in the cockpit of the new C-Class coupe and a number of touches on the chief found the perfect four-door CLS coupe.

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7 Responses to The new Mercedes C-Class coupe is the perfect expression of a coupe

  1. Lukas says:

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  3. I should admit that this really is a single fantastic insight. It surely gives a company the opportunity to have in around the ground floor and really take part in developing one thing unique and tailored to their needs.

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