Lotus Evora by Mansory

That much carbon has not seen no F1 cars. Carbon, carbon and carbon! That is the treatment that it is preparing for the new Lotus Evora Mansory. It seems that extreme changes, with extravagant bodykits saw it recently on different machines bearing the signature Mansory, are no longer fashionable. Now we are just “dressing” in new clothes carbon cars.

With a richer range, Lotus has big plans for the future. It seems that among them is a restyling of Evora 2+2 model, a central-engined sports car for four people. Lotus plans to make them a facelift to bring it in line with the brand’s aggressive line. But the new Evora will never make an appearance at the Geneva Motor Show.


In contrast, the Lotus chassis, will be appearing as a model of the Evora from Mansory. But it is not extreme changes, aggressive and very bad eye, as there is the Mansory signature. Factory Lotus Evora handed a copy of the tuner to pull something special, without being abused tuning.

From time to time, changes the skin of a Mansory model. In the past, done that with Aston Martin DB9 Cyrus and Bugatti Veyron Vincero. More specifically he has wrapped from head to toe in carbon. It seems like this is waiting Lotus Evora. British tuners are going to put more carbon on this car, almost everywhere: bumper, roof, sills, interior. But the end result we see in Geneva.

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