First images of the top version of Nissan GT-R

Japanese manufacturer Nissan will offer a deluxe version of the GT-R called Egoist, which will be made only on order.

Egoist version is for those who want a touch of luxury and exclusivity to the board`s GT-R. To achieve this, each copy is made Egoist GT-R is built to order and under the supervision of Kazutoshi Mizuno.

Egoist interior design is handmade with the best leather, while the Bose sound system is optimized for each owner separately.



Egoist engine version of the GT-R is a twin-turbo V6 unit offers 530 CP and 612 Nm. Downforce was increased by 10% and shock absorbers and chassis have been modified to improve handling and increase comfort on the road. Acceleration from 0-100 km / h is achieved in 3.046 seconds, while the maximum design speed is 315 km / h.


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