Cadillac launches the precious CTS-V Black Diamond Edition

If the diamond can be considered the best friend of a woman, this means that people from Cadillac will have problems with selling the new Cadillac CTS-V Black Diamond Edition to male representatives? Hardly.

Available on most American versions supercharged beast, precious limited edition revolves around a single shade of black that covers the entire body muscular sedan, wagon and coupe. But that’s not all. For a truly delicious package, Cadillac threw the game and a set of 19 inch wheels in Satin Graphite color, contrasted powerful Brembo calipers finished in yellow.


Craving interior and you’ll find adjustable Recaro seats, plus Midnight wood trim, resulting in a CTS-V that you can not exactly like every street corner. Especially if we discuss any district on the outskirts of New York.

Before dark we lose sight of the American model, specify the starting price ($69,190 for the manual transmission version and $70,490 for the automatic transmission version) and prepare your tuxedo for a festive ride.

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