Aston Martin Cygnet

Not only it went down to the drain with one of the original famous car brands, but he ended up being aberrant. Have not been able to create a small car from 0, so that took a Toyota iQ, threw their logo on the hood, grille famous and ready. Here it is the new Cygnet! That is a Japanese car with British flavor. But that has not kept asking price on a Titanic-Martin Toy, for a car … Martin.

In France, the price of an Aston Martin Cygnet has already been announced. It is about 38,000 Euro for the basic model. Obviously, if you dare to tick something off the list of options, they will take from your pocket up to 45,000 Euro. That is the price of a new BMW X5.


Not just the price it is still huge laughter, more something like Benny Hill films. But the fact that the English have the nerve to sell this car only and only those who already have a fireball Aston Martin. If Ferrari Enzo model originally sold only to those who were F40 and F50, are here as well as English. But not a super-car of $2 million, but with a cage on four wheels bearing the logo of Aston. Embarrassing.

If you really make money out of the house, there’s a model made in limited edition Cygnet. Not yet know exactly what you get, but you can choose color to black and white.

So if you’re some dude for that matter the name, rather than the object itself before you buy a V12 Vantage to you then you can get a Toyota iQ. Sorry, an Cygnet … Surely the machine will find customers, especially among the ranks of those who already have an Aston, but are afraid to give it to the wife’s hand. So they will have made a gift to a Toyota iQ. Sorry again, I wanted to say a Cygnet. That is, until one comes to traffic lights with a genuine IQ, which look the same, with the same engine, and laughs that sucker you, who have paid three times more for the same car.

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