Fiat will present Freemont at Geneva – seven seats monocab

Fiat will present in Geneva in March monocab Freemont with seven seats, a model developed on the basis of Dodge Journey, the car will be produced in Mexico and released in the second half of 2011 in Europe. Freemont is the first product that Fiat developed in partnership with Chrysler, the car will be built at an American factory.

Freemont is a seven-seater MPV, is 4.89 meters length and for starters will be available with two engines of 140 hp turbodiesel engine, developed by the Fiat 170 hp respectively. There will be a more powerful engine, 3.6 liter 276 horsepower developed by Chrysler. In this version the 170 hp engine and four-wheel drive will be available.


Freemont is basically a version of the Dodge Journey monocab with Fiat logo and the strategy will continue to be put into practice, so some Chrysler models will be sold under the brand Lancia to the mainland. Dodge recently launched a restyled version of Journey powerful model which sells in low volumes in Europe and cost about 23,000 euros. Freemont will be produced at its plant in Toluca, Mexico where he and the little Fiat 500 were made for U.S. and Canadian market.

Fiat took over 25% of Chrysler and Alliance jointly develop a series of models, some Chrysler cars will be sold, for example, under the brand Lancia in Europe, while the factory in Italy will built Jeep vehicles. Also as part of the alliance, exchange of technology will allow the launch of the first SUVs Maserati and Alfa Romeo.

Fiat will take over officially in June at the European distribution of the car brands Chrysler, Jeep and Dodge.

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