Volkswagen XL1 Concept

German car manufacturer presented the details and pictures of the new Volkswagen XL1, a concept to be unveiled tomorrow at the Qatar International Auto Show.

Volkswagen XL1 concept car is part of the strategy with 1 liter engine and underbody aerodynamics very futuristic and there is a plug-in hybrid propulsion consists of a two-cylinder TDI engine that produces 48 horsepower (35 kw) and an electric motor that adds 27 horsepower (20 kW) and comes connected to a lithium-ion battery.

Volkswagen XL1 Concept

Hybrid propulsion system power is sent to the wheels via a dual clutch transmissions in seven steps, and in terms of efficiency it gets really interesting, because the new Volkswagen XL1 concept has a consumption of 0.9 liters per 100 km with emissions value Only 24 grams CO2 per km.

For distances up to 35 km, the new Volkswagen XL1 can only run in electric mode, and its batteries can be recharged using any domestic socket.

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