The new Audi Q7 by MR Car Design

The aerodynamic kit has vulgar rich in lines, shapes, muscular exterior, 22-inch wheels wearing Porsche logo proudly and eight-cylinder engine stuffed with more power than ever is perfect proof of this statement.

Get out to hunt for new victims for their latest experiment, the Germans gave MR Car Design great-than-impressive and the Audi Q7. Once captured and transported to the tuning shop, the SUV from Ingolstadt has been unleashed in the most brutal way possible. The exterior has been brought in line with the version that enjoys facelift, a new body kit and LED habitual making for a modern look and the appearance, worthy of the XXI century. Moreover, for an extra dose of aggression, the German company has opted for a set of 22 inch rims, proudly bearing the logo Porsche, that is a terrible driving stolen directly from the Audi RS6.


Under the hood, the 4.2-liter V8 TDI engine boasts the presence of an optimized control unit and a K & N air filter, which is now ready to deliver the driver no less than 374 horsepower and 870 Nm. In addition, its speed limiter vanished at once, while the suspension has been lowered by means of an electronic module.

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