The future Pagani Huayra is cuasing an chain reaction with its forms

The first images of future Huayra Pagani stormed the Internet the morning of the day, giving birth to a true Italian supercar mad with its forms … not very common (we reserve the right to be diplomats until the appearance of multiple photographs).

We reserve the right not to say, for example, the new Pagani Zonda infected Huayra looks like a elephant with a strong dose-ism. We also reserve the right not to say that the Italian supercar on the front of the mug brings a strikingly more big cats, while the side mirrors seem more like a delicate bouquet of snowdrops, fresh snow out of the mire.


And last but not least, we reserve the right not to say that gullwing doors and LEDs that “enjoy” is a dream Huayra (SLS Mercedes AMG, at least) turned into a nightmare. Of course it would be the name which, without learning the pronunciation of Horacio Pagani himself, you risk no idea of how to treat him in a discussion.

So, we underline once again that we reserve the right to be on the look diplomats Pagani Huayra future to the development of several photographs. Until then, remember the three most important information currently known about the Italian supercar: 6.0-liter twin-turbo V12 engine and 700 horsepower, the purchase price of approximately one million euro in spring debut at the Geneva Motor Show.

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