Toyota Prius V at Detroit

Toyota wants Prius to be more than a hybrid model, wants a family of Prius models, perhaps a Prius brand. Toyota Prius has become almost a trademark. This affects at least over the ocean where each individual who wishes to be associated with ecology has necessarily a Prius in the garage.

Never mind that he lives everyday driving a large V8 engine, the Prius has become an eco accessory. And because it can profit from this detail, why not Prius V. V for versatility, a model that Toyota created thinking of the young families. The model is built on the same platform like Prius and uses the same technology – Hybrid Synergy Drive.

One of the strengths of the new model is that it provides over 50% more space than a Prius. The new model boasts a new design, evolving from that of the current Prius generation.


Extra fuel consumption is not present because Americans dont quite know what it is this. The interior is also an evolution, the big news is the multimedia system called Entune. Toyota Prius V is one of the first Toyota models qualifying for this system. Advantages? Where facilities allow, the driver may have very different access to information from the fuel price at the next stop, the weather or traffic information.

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