Mercedes SL65 AMG – iForged Misha Design shows the German cavalry

A Mercedes SL is always impressive, no joke! But this one it leaves you speachless… Literally! You say it’s an SL65 AMG Black Series, but you fail. But at a closer look, you realize it is actually a modified fireball completely from the outside by Misha Design.

A sports car that leaves the factory almost perfect. But there is no perfection in tuning. That said those from Misha Design when they laid hands on an SL65 AMG. Original machine got a widebody kit outdoor type. It’s here front and rear spoilers, side skirts, but also more inflated wings. Truly “wide”!

The car also received a carbon hood, but also a great speaker as a day of fasting. All form a picture about “rude” aggressive and vulgar, but pleasing to the eye. I see Chrome as the Americans. I see no flashy colors and exhaust absurd as the Japanese. We like.

Regarding the engine, nothing special. I mean remained the same factory V12 biturbo engine that produces a “decent” 612 hp and pushes the car from 0-100 km/h in just 4.2 seconds. But the car’s torque of 1020 Nm is really surprising…


We add to the picture the rims that are very good, matching well with the exterior. It is a set of 20-inch iForged Concave Series face with a width of 10.5, shod with 275/30 Pirelli Pzero and back some huge 21-inch wheels with wider tires for 375/20. Wings are removed from the line outside, so we have nothing to comment here.

A very successful SL65 AMG, which commands respect and makes you feel a little shiver run down the spine when you see him in the rearview mirror…

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