The new Audi A1, prepared by MTM for the Christmas party

In anticipation of Christmas, the little Audi A1 went on a trip to the studios from MTM, in order to tailor a wardrobe for the big party that will come. Wish list of the nice German toy includes a complete change of look, such as never seen before in a MINI.

Once arrived at the destination, after endless battles against the flakes of snow, the Audi A1 was completely naked, to the skin and the transformation process can thus be initiated. The pricest improvement is the single paintjob, outside the German model is now finished in three different shades.


Moreover, for a truly unique look, junior from Ingolstadt was endowed with new shoes, which consists of the famous 18-inch rims MTM Bimoto. For the foreseeable future, the famous tuner announced to extend the list of changes with sports suspension, performance brake systems and, last but not least, always well-comed power increases.

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