New experiments from Hennessey: Nissan GTR650

No American muscle car was injured during the last experiment that texans from Hennessey made, but it looks like a Japanese supercar was not so lucky. The only evidence available at this time: Godzilla.

If you have not caught on who it could be and you need a complete decipher, the last victim of Americans lies in the person of Hennessey already-impressive Nissan GT-R. Moreover, Japanese supercar does not offer any detail about what hides under the hood (that’s if you choose not to opt for the logos), ready to provide a list full of surprises seeking to provoke you.


A simple look at the engine compartment and all questions will find answers instantly: Texas tuner come with new fuel injectors, improved intercooler, exhaust system and ECU fully optimized, all changes translates into 662 horsepower and 865 Nm. Unfortunately, Hennessey keeps well hidden the new performance in their U.S. company announcing no change and a list that includes among others an optional upgrade to the transmission, KW Variant 3 coilover suspension, carbon fiber elements outside, new wheels and more.

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