Honda BRIO

Japanese car manufacturer has introduced the new prototype Honda BRIO at the 27th edition of the International Auto Show from Thailand.

The new Honda BRIO is expected to be sold in Thailand and India starting with 2011, and in terms of size, this model measures 3610 mm in length, 1680 mm wide and 1475 mm in height.

For the moment there are no information about engine options, but the car manufacter said that the new Honda BRIO needs five gallons of fuel to travel 100 km, and some sources have mentioned that this model engine options will include an engine of 1.2-liter with gasoline and new motor of 0.9 liter with 3 cylinders, both connected to a CVT automatic transmission.
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The price for the new Honda BRIO is expected to be approximately 10,000 Euros.

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