Nissan Ellure Concept made his debut at Los Angeles Auto Show

Nissan officials are not shy when they are saying that their new concept is dedicated to women. There is not yet known if it will be a women devoted series. “Nissan Ellure Concept represents a design exercise that addresses the needs of potential customers in the category of women between 30 and 40 years with a more sophisticated and rebellious style.” Nissan says, not us.

Therefore, Nissan Ellure is a car that aimes directly a female audience. We can say that the car is full of curves, but it’s far from the “candy” style. Conversely, Ellure Concept is aggressive enough to make us love it, the male ones.


The front part had a prominent grille inspired by samurai kimonos, “Kamishino”, and the back takes items found on the “Tori” gates, from the Shinto wells. We are talking about traditional elements of Japanese culture. Perhaps the designers were thinking that this way the car would be better understood by the female audience.

Nissan Ellure is very aerodynamic, Japanese officials saying that by this concept, they studied several possibilities to eliminate holes, openings or protrusions that may cause turbulence. Thus, the wheels benefits of some additional “spoke” made of transparent plastic to cover large openings without affecting the design. The mirrors were replaced with side mini-cameras. Door handles that open in opposite direction are minimized.

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