Mercedes CLS 63 AMG

Fans of the most popular four-door coupe in the world, Mercedes CLS, will be glad to know that at the Los Angeles Auto Show 2010 it appeared the strongest version: CLS 63 AMG. The most powerful version of the new Mercedes CLS was, until now, CLS 350, which enjoyed a 3,5 liter V6 engine and 300 hp. Not enough for those who want a powerful CLS.

Look, however, that at the Los Angeles Auto Show the German manufacturer has unveiled, in a world premiere, the most powerful version: Mercedes CLS 63 AMG. Equipped with a 5.5 liter V8 bi-turbo engine, CLS 63 AMG`s engine develops 525 hp and 700 Nm torque – more than the previous CLS 63 AMG had – 514 hp and 630 Nm.


The car performances are interesting: it reaches 100km/h in 4,4 seconds, but the maximum speed is electronically limited to 250 km/h. But the germans have thought to potential unsatisfied customers, so there is an optional package with performance upgrades.

Using Performance Pack, the power is increased to 557 hp and 100Nm torque increase, reaching 800Nm. The electronic limit is set now to 300km/h, and the start wastes 0,1 seconds, achieving it in 4,3 seconds. Is that sportly enough?

The automatic transmission of the new Mercedes CLS 63 AMG gives up at the torque converter, which is replaced by an automatic clutch, so shifting to be as fast as possible. CLS 63 AMG’s suspension is adaptive, with a more sportly set, and electrohydraulic steering system was also modified. The Performance Pack involves a strictly sport suspension, red brake callipers and, optional you can choose ceramic brake discs.

The car appearance suffered an extra boost by changing the bumper and the car has in front custom LED rods for position. We add thresholds, the small spoiler on the trunk and the two pairs of trapezoidal discharges and we obtan a model different than a CLS series. At first it will be offered a special edition of the Mercedes CLS 63 AMG – Launch Edition, with Manganite Gray Magno paint, Pearl Corteccia upholstery leather and carbon fiber insertions and Piano Black finishes.

So far, prices were not been disclosed, Mercedes CLS 63 AMG being ordered in March 2011, but it is clear that we talk about a starting amount of over 100,000 euros.

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