Dacia Duster reached the final for Car of the Year 2011!

The sixth model of the Dacia Duster, is a finalist in the competition in the European Car of the Year 2011 (Car Of The Year 2011).

“We are proud of the fact that Dacia Duster are among the seven finalists of the most prestigious car races in Europe. This selection confirms the qualities of a Romanian product that manages an excellent trading performance in the most demanding Western markets: Germany, France, Italy . With over 80,000 orders worldwide ever recorded, Duster is a tremendous ambassador of the Romanian Dacia brand, “said Fabrice Cambolive, Commercial Director of Dacia-Renault-Nissan.


Along with the Dacia Duster in the final, also was Leaf Nissan, Alfa Romeo Giulietta C3/DS3 Citroen, Ford C-Max, Opel / Vauxhall Meriva, S60/Volvo Volvo V60.

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