Renault Sandero Stepway Concept 2010

Here I learned what it is for this Renault Sandero Stepway Concept: If to dream is not the first electric Dacia. But this concept is likely to prefigure a facelift of the Dacia Sandero.

First, Renault Brazil has raised interest us through some image-teaser Stepway Renault Sandero concept. I even dared to dream of a preview for a future electric Dacia.

But now they have been released official pictures and some information about this concept Stepway Concept Sandero, presented at Sao Paolo Motor Show 2010 in Brazil. And any talk of electric cars.


Those from Brazil Renaul simply want to attract attention, this concept, the design potential in the range Sandero. Therefore, the pseudo-crossover Sandero Stepway version was the subject of an interesting program of embellishment.

In addition to adopting some lights on a blue background with a high-tech interior design, Concept Sandero Stepway enjoy a completely new front bumper, which prints the whole image force and the front grille has been totally changed, highlighting famous diamond logo.

This change of image can tell even a small facelift applied Sandero range, at least in the South American market, a facelift that would better integrate low-cost model in the new design line that will take Renault. So far, however, too early to speculate about a possible facelift and the Dacia Sandero in Europe.

Renault Sandero concept Stepway longer receives a modified rear spoiler, power in the note and prominent thresholds, which together with the rims with a special design gives the car a true compact SUV look.

Glass ceiling has been furnished with two very handsome luggage rails, while the combination of black-brown body gives the car an elegant style. And the grounds of “chatterbox” and they have an explanation: the concept is equipped with a 1.6 16V Hi-Flex engine that develops 112 bhp and is powered by biofuel.

We look forward to the materialization of ideas Stepway Renault Sandero’s design concept and the Sandero model series.

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