DUB Edition Hyundai Equus

This Hyundai Equus DUB Edition was created by … you guessed it, DUB Magazine, and those who want to see more than one picture of this project will be to participate in this year’s edition of the SEMA show in Las Vegas .

Hyundai Equus DUB Edition has a new front grille, tinted windows and two exterior colors, plus an exterior kit includes a front spoiler that integrates LEDs, new sorts side a restyled hood and rear wheels wearing massive 24 inch TIS Pirelli performance tires Pzero in Nero.

DUB Edition Hyundai Equus

Also, Hyundai Equus DUB Edition received a new lower suspension and interior, premium sound system was improved by adding Lexicon 9th Infiniti Kappa Series loudspeakers and amplifiers to mono and Kappa Kappa ONE FOUR.

Other amendments received by the new DUB Edition Hyundai Equus interior includes leather and suede, custom lighting and new seats back.

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