Fiat 500 Special Arancia – 300 copies only for Japan

Perhaps most car limited edition. They add the final makeup of the Fiat 500 model Aranci Specially dedicated to the Japanese market. Will be produced only 300 such specimens, all for the Samurai.

Excluding Japan, Fiat shows Aranci 500, italienescul for “orange.” And it is clear where the name comes. 300 such cars this Fiat 500 special orange color, right hand drive, will see the roads of Asia.


Besides the color of “crazy”, that Fiat has not Aranci nothing special compared to the serial version. In fact … just nothing. 15-inch alloy wheels are available on any other versions of the Fiat 500, so … about it.

Same engines, which actually are … one. Aaaaaa I looked inside! Orange and the interior, namely board, which has a central panel in this color and is a leather-wrapped steering wheel, white. And outside, there chrome package, but again no, it applies to any other 500 model, optional. Price? Unfortunately we currently do not know, but is expected to be like a normal 500 with the same equipment.

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