2010 Alfa Romeo Giulietta now available!

The latest creation from the Alfa Romeo Giulietta relaunched model will be in May this year available for sale. A successful exercise automobile beauty, which combines the sport of Alfe heart with pleasure to drive. New Giulietta, a completely new car, and will make its appearance in our country soon. Currently, the manufacturer announced the sale of the model in Europe in May this year.

Giulietta is a car with an entirely new platform, suspension and braking system with dedicated. Engines will be equipped Giulietta cover a wide range, gas or diesel, between 105 hp and 235 hp. Alfa Romeo Giulietta announces that it is a market segment leader, the safety and comfort, but especially by sensations and driving pleasure.

The latest creation from Alfa Italians will come with a huge package of options, which include multimedia systems, 18″ wheels outdoor kits and sports kits. Perhaps an attractive price, plus new and unique image of the model, increase confidence and selling Italian brand.

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