E50 Coupe by Kicherer

Look out! The new E 50 Coupe hosted during the holiday Kicherer team is here. He is not very tan, but it has undergone changes are not insignificant. As shown, the E50’s about shooting the beasts this winter. Based on the Mercedes E500, the car received a completely upgraded ECU module, plus a super discharge. Specifically, the 5.5l V8 engine now produces 424 hp and 550 Nm – explained, is an increase performance by about 41 hp and 20 Nm. However, Kicherer still keeps secret the performance as total – one thing is clear: E50’s has a top speed of 250 km / h.


No Chapter styling not stay bad. In fact, if we judge by the typology model “as the first meeting, we could not agree on the site that looks to first. So I say only this: package of carbon fiber “Kicherer Performance Series“. More developed front spoiler, side skirts hiperagresive, rear speaker, plus closures for mirrors. Grid with three blades is optional.

The rest, if you walk around looking to the bottom … RS-1 wheels and brake system 20”ultra (6 discs of carbon composite piston) lets you literally speechless.

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  1. BMW M3 says:

    I need a BMW M3 Urgent..

  2. BMW Tuning says:

    a review, bmw is simply the best.

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